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What Type of Alarm Sensors Do I Need?[ 2016-08-27 ]
When we think burglar alarms we think of door sensors. We all know that our doors need to be protected. It's very common to also install a motion sensor to detect people in our homes when we are away. However, one thing we tend to overlook is installing window...
Vcare Smart WiFi Security System Won Great Attention in 2016 IFSEC Exhibition London[ 2016-06-22 ]
The International security exhibition was held in London on 21th June 2016.
The Stock Up Notice For 2015 Spring Festival[ 2015-01-23 ]
Please calculate the goods you need before the holiday, and our holiday will be lasted from 14th February,2015 to 28th February 2015. We will back to work on 1st March, including the delivery and the dispatching time, the goods will be arrived at the local market on 10th March.
Exhibits of Patrol Hawk in Security China 2014[ 2014-11-13 ]
Patrol Hawk dedicated in R & D, manufacturing alarm system for over 12 years, our belief is to serve the society with science and technology, to create the safe life. Patrol Hawk is looking forward to your cooperation, realizing a win-win situation.
The Security China shows the high-end security products, gathering thousands of companies[ 2014-10-30 ]
Shenzhen Patrol Hawk Technology Co., Ltd based on the security alarm industry for over 12 years. From the initial telephone alarm system to GSM alarm system and 3G/GPRS/WiFi burglar alarm system, Patrol Hawk has been always walking on the front of the industry.
The Security China was held successfully, Patrol Hawk here awaiting you[ 2014-10-28 ]
On October 28, 2014, the biennial security industry feast was held in the China International Exhibition Center (New Center).
Patrol hawk TV is broadcasting to everyone the latest news on Patrol Hawk Security Expo:[ 2014-10-28 ]
On October 28th to October 31st, 2014, the 12th session of China Public Security Expo will be held in Beijing. China International Exhibition Center (New) . Patrol Hawk locates in Beijing. China International Exhibition Center in Hall W2, Stand No.K23-K28. Patrol Hawk is expecting your visiting.
Patrol Hawk wings as "Security Expo" flying to north[ 2014-10-25 ]
On October 28th -31, Patrol Hawk elite team will expect your visiting in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on Hall W2, Stand No. K23-K24, with the best attitude, and the best security products.
The 2014 China International Exhibition Introduction[ 2014-10-09 ]
More information please meet us at the China Security. Patrol Hawk will show our best and professional service for our new and old customers and provide you more security solution. We here awaiting for you in Bejing Security China 2014.
The first day of exhibition, from Shenzhen to London[ 2014-06-16 ]
  Today, the small exhibition team of three who represent Patrol Hawk to start from Shenzhen Bay harbor to go abroad. Participating the 41 st International Commercial & Government Security Exhibition ( IFSEC) indicates that Patrol Hawk will be ge...
Meeting you at IFSEC London UK[ 2014-06-15 ]
We are attending IFSEC during 17-19 June 2014 in London. Our company,Shenzhen Patrol Hawk Technology Co,Ltd is a professional alarm system designer & manufacturer, established in July of 2003, which has itself core researching & developing technology, producing base and own sales team.
IFSEC[ 2014-06-14 ]
IFSEC (International Commercial & Government Security Exhibition)was founded in 1972.which has a long history of 41 years. It is a well known exhibition famous for its clear topic and profession. IFSEC attracts the entire security buying chain. End users looking for insight on the latest technology and best practice to secure their business ,installers and integrators keen to discover the best products for their clients, consultants and specifiers eager to meet clients and learn about the latest
Sinda collective thanksgiving notice[ 2014-01-16 ]
Spring Festival is approaching, in this particular festival, thank you for the trust and support of families of employees of the company, the company still follow the tradition of an annual collective Thanksgiving Activities - Thanksgiving parents, thank them ...
Quality Department Zhong Hongmei six-star mentality learn to share[ 2014-01-16 ]
To Sinda time is not long, only just over a month 's time, but Don always confused this valuable learning opportunities available to me, and I thank the company to pay . Learning is a baptism of three days and two nights of the soul, feeling a lot .  &nb...
Marketing Liang Wu test show experience[ 2014-01-16 ]
Liang Wu test: business managers to Sinda three years, for the first time to participate in the exhibition Abou Participate in professional trade shows, not only to reflect on their own counterparts in the strength of the company's products, services closer ...
Security Exhibition successful conclusion, the staff you have worked hard[ 2014-01-16 ]
November 1 , the fourth day of the show . Today is the fourth day of the show , is also the last day of the exhibition, the exhibition staff have worked hard for several days still not relaxed , still adhere to their respective jobs . After several days of the...
Become a respected world-class security alarm business is our vision[ 2014-01-16 ]
October 30, show the next day. 9:00, Sinda all personnel to military gesture to show the exhibition in front of everybody, unified uniforms, mettlesome morning, patrol hawk once again demonstrating a burglar alarm company's brand image. The next person to at...
Reading Eagle Patrol CPSE 2013[ 2014-01-16 ]
25 years of growth process has been carried out for 13 , to 1989, the first session was held in the SAR Shenzhen CPSE , every two years ,
Sinda minimalist appearance CPSE[ 2014-01-16 ]
October 29, 2013 , the Fourteenth CPSE held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre , major businesses set up booths to show the company style.
Catalyst 4G, smart home[ 2014-01-16 ]
After the 2000 "smart home " concept into China , people understand intelligent life scenes through television, magazines and other media advertising and . The emergence of 4G is to promote the development of smart home phone video intercom, video su...
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