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About Patrol Hawk



About Patrol Hawk  


Shenzhen Patrol Hawk Technology is the leading company in security alarm systems since 2003. We have vastly developed over the last decade and pride ourselves in our professional attitude, attention to detail and unique designs. We are a fully certified company, including ROHS, CE, FCC and BSCI and we hold more than 20 software copyrights and product patents. Our company is trusted throughout the world including UK, Germany, Denmark, Europe, USA, North America, Middle East, South Asia and a lot more, selling our products to more than 100 countries and obtaining over 5 million users.


In 2004, the first generation of Patrol Hawk GSM alarm system (PH-G-1) was launched successfully, creating a wireless security alarm era. In 2007, the GSM power alarm system for outdoor power equipment was created; we then became the first partner of National Grid.We have since established strategic partnerships with more than 50 countries State Grid, such as Kenya Power and Lighting Company and the South Africa National Power Company.

In 2014, we entered a rapid development period. In that year we became the designed security product suppliers by Kazakhstan and subsequently many other countries including France, Germany and Denmark by supping our products to the ALDI supermarket chains stores. In 2015, we have evolved even further by developing and launching our Wi-Fi Smart Security System- Vcare, which has given us the opportunity to provide our customers with a more safe and tranquil life style.


In 2017, the third generation of intelligent alarm system VCARE3 released to the market. Due to the basis of VCARE, VCARE 2, the VCARE 3 has occupy the major markets of Spain, Italy and Germany rapidly.

In 2019, our R&D team continued to reform and innovate in the field of security, and this year we developed TUYA smart series home products, LoRa smart alarm series products and NB-IoT series products. We always adhere to the concepts of innovation and smart manufacturing.
At Shenzhen Patrol Hawk technology Co,.Ltd, we take pride at our work and dedication to make our world a safer and better place to live. Be part of us and let us bring happiness and success together. Shenzhen Patrol Hawk designs defence!



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