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Invitation card[ 2016-09-05 ]
Beijing China Public Security Expo 2016
Patrol Hawk Security Exhibition is not just a product, it is a blessing[ 2016-10-26 ]
Lead: Patrol Hawk Security invited to participate in Beijing International Security Exhibition, where will display the latest research and development of home intelligent alarm products, so that more families can patrol the patrol under the eagle hap...
What Type of Alarm Sensors Do I Need?[ 2016-08-27 ]
When we think burglar alarms we think of door sensors. We all know that our doors need to be protected. It's very common to also install a motion sensor to detect people in our homes when we are away. However, one thing we tend to overlook is installing window...
Catalyst 4G, smart home[ 2014-01-16 ]
After the 2000 "smart home " concept into China , people understand intelligent life scenes through television, magazines and other media advertising and . The emergence of 4G is to promote the development of smart home phone video intercom, video su...
Spring Festival approaching, Sinda draw attention to theft[ 2014-01-16 ]
Spring a wonderful day for family reunion . Sinda here to draw attention to security, strengthening the sense of security theft . The arrival of the Spring Festival every year there are always some burglaries occurred , or is the factory and shop theft happen
Stability is very important alarms[ 2014-01-16 ]
Burglar alarm in the country are not widely used, for many reasons, the major two reasons. First, the domestic anti-theft alarm started late, burglar alarm knowledge has not spread; Second, the stability of alarm products, detector technology limitations, resu...
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