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2020 China National Day Holidays Notice[ 2020-09-29 ]
Please be noticed that our company will be vacation time off for the National Day holiday from October 1th to October 8th.
Product Update Notice[ 2018-07-15 ]
Product Update Notification Dear Customer, Here a product update notification for your attention. Today we release a new version IP camera V-see for you, and the original V-see will be stopped supplying after 15 July, 2018.  The difference between the...
2018 China Spring Festival Holidays Notice[ 2018-02-08 ]
Dear Patrol Hawk’s Customers, We are very grateful for your continuous attention and cooperation in the Patrol Hawk Alarm. The Chinese Spring Festival is coming, so please hereby be noticed that this year’s spring festival holidays arrange...
Patrol Hawk was invited to Germany to attend the International Security Exhibition[ 2016-09-29 ]
 In this fruitful season, Patrol Hawk carry new products 868MHz Vcare traveled to the sea, to the German exhibition of Essen International.   Due to its unique appearance, Vcare has attracted a large number of European and American guests. M...
A burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States, what about in your country?[ 2019-12-03 ]
A burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States, what about in your country? There are many reasons to invest in a home security system, especially in today’s day and age with both parents working in the majority of households and the windows to the outside world social media provides into family lives. While many typical suburban families may not consider themselves to be the type of household in need of a home security system, there are various risk factors in play that may not be all
I am waiting for you in Essen, Germany[ 2016-09-27 ]
 Today is our first day in Essen, Germany, where we look forward to your arrival!
The Stock Up Notice For 2015 Spring Festival[ 2015-01-23 ]
Please calculate the goods you need before the holiday, and our holiday will be lasted from 14th February,2015 to 28th February 2015. We will back to work on 1st March, including the delivery and the dispatching time, the goods will be arrived at the local market on 10th March.
Sinda collective thanksgiving notice[ 2014-01-16 ]
Spring Festival is approaching, in this particular festival, thank you for the trust and support of families of employees of the company, the company still follow the tradition of an annual collective Thanksgiving Activities - Thanksgiving parents, thank them ...
Quality Department Zhong Hongmei six-star mentality learn to share[ 2014-01-16 ]
To Sinda time is not long, only just over a month 's time, but Don always confused this valuable learning opportunities available to me, and I thank the company to pay . Learning is a baptism of three days and two nights of the soul, feeling a lot .  &nb...
Marketing Liang Wu test show experience[ 2014-01-16 ]
Liang Wu test: business managers to Sinda three years, for the first time to participate in the exhibition Abou Participate in professional trade shows, not only to reflect on their own counterparts in the strength of the company's products, services closer ...
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