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Sinda collective thanksgiving notice

Spring Festival is approaching, in this particular festival, thank you for the trust and support of families of employees of the company, the company still follow the tradition of an annual collective Thanksgiving Activities - Thanksgiving parents, thank them for giving us life, gave our life in the first warm home ......
Company intends to grant to work in six months (to December 31, 2013 termination date) of each employee family mailed New Year's gift, a gift of the New Year as the first, and in the form of postal savings from the Administration Department unified mailed to each employee's parents.
Please detail the recipient's address, zip code, payee name and telephone number (ID card) on January 17, 2014 reported in the financial department 唐爱芳 place. No reported as a waiver to participate in the activities of the company shall not be privately recipients.
Notice is hereby given!

Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co., Ltd.
  January 15, 2014

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