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Security Exhibition successful conclusion, the staff you have worked hard

November 1 , the fourth day of the show . Today is the fourth day of the show , is also the last day of the exhibition, the exhibition staff have worked hard for several days still not relaxed , still adhere to their respective jobs . After several days of the exhibition, the majority of customers Sinda have some understanding of the company's security products are very interested , especially in the company 's new WiFi intelligent burglar alarm system , its innovative WiFi transmission access to the customer 's favor . In addition , the company 's main push GSM burglar alarm G1 with its stylish appearance, sophisticated technology, powerful access to customers, a number of customer sites took samples of G1. 14:00 , the show draws to a close , businesses began dismantling , Sinda quickly organize the exhibition items , with full harvest leaves Convention Center.
Day exhibition will summarize the work of the company , to entertain clients from the show , the show is over, but the work of patrol hawk does not end . Early morning patrol eagle staff comes in micro letter " last stop Oswald Tinghai Jing Hotel in Shenzhen , now he can finally go home the evening the team hosted three batches of customers from different countries , everyone is a bit tired, but the young responsibility heart beat the slack , mutual support ousted tired temptation. thank his comrades pay. goodnight "
The exhibition was a great success , which has a dedicated patrol eagle man threw pay are inseparable. Exhibit , exhibition, dismantling , Sinda staff who you have worked hard , because there is your hard work , Sinda brand it is today , heartfelt thank you . You believe that the future Sinda will be more brilliant.

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