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What Type of Alarm Sensors Do I Need?

When we think burglar alarms we think of door sensors. We all know that our doors need to be protected. It's very common to also install a motion sensor to detect people in our homes when we are away. However, one thing we tend to overlook is installing window sensors. Let's take a moment and look at the reason why protected windows are so vital to your family's safety.

When we set our alarms and leave our homes, the door sensors and motion detectors are activated. This means that if a burglar was to enter through a door, the alarm would sound. Also, if a burglar were to climb through a window, strategically placed motion detectors would catch any movement within the house sound the alarm as well.


When we set our alarms and remain in the home, door sensors are activated, but motion sensors are not. This is because walking around within the home would trip an activated motion detector and set off the alarm. For this reason motion detectors remain inactive. However, this creates a problem and a gap in the security of the home. With only door sensors activated, a burglar could crawl through an unprotected window and move about the house undetected because of an inactive motion detector; this is where window sensors become key to adequate protection.


When we add window protection along with door protection, and motion detection, it's easier to sleep at night knowing that burglars aren't roaming our homes undetected. If we set our alarms set stay in the house, the door sensors, and window sensors would be activated but the deactivated motion sensors would allow our families to move freely within the home. Then if a burglar opened a door OR window, the alarm would sound. The addition of window sensors eliminates all possibilities of undetected entry while we sleep.

Looking to get a better night sleep with added piece of mind? Contact Patrol Hawk's home security experts to find out how you can improve the safety and security of your home with the addition of window sensors.

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