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The Stock Up Notice For 2015 Spring Festival

Dear Partners,
First, many thanks for your continuous support and trust for Patrol Hawk!
The 2015 China Spring Festival is just around the corner, and to ensure the enough goods during our holiday also to avoid no goods/stock out influencing the sales. Our company combine the peak delivery before the holiday with our production practical condition to issue the Stock Up Notice as below. Please take care of your own condition and according to the fixed time to take the stocks :
1.To ensure the goods arrive to the local market before the Spring Festival also considering the delivery time and our monthly output, the deadline for the order before the Spring Festival is 31st January of 2015.
2.Please calculate the goods you need before the holiday, and our holiday will be lasted from 14th February,2015 to 28th February 2015. We will back to work on 1st March, including the delivery and the dispatching time, the goods will be arrived at the local market on 10th March.
At the same time, we make a solemn promise here:
1.Refund the payment if you are not satisfied
2.Free maintenance within 3 years.
3.Free cost for the maintenance.

Hope we can receive your continuous support and trust, thanks a lot !
Wish you a prosperous business during 2015!

Shenzhen Patrol Hawk Technology Co., Ltd
19th January,2015

1.Refund the payment if you are not satisfied with the goods: If there is any quality problem you can apply to refund the payment or replace the goods within 15 days. Please contact our service mailbox durant@phalarm.com, Tel: + 86 755 26498270 ext 88 before replacing the goods or refunding the payment, and we will dispose it at the first time.
2.Free maintenance within 3 years: the goods has got a strict QC before dispatching, and we provide the service of the first 3 month to replace the goods, and free maintenance within 3 years also the good after-sale service for the whole life.
3.Shipping cost for the maintenance: we will undertake the shipping cost from China to buyer’s city and buyer undertake the shipping cost from buyer’s city to patrol hawk within the 3 years for maintenance.

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