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Stability is very important alarms

Burglar alarm in the country are not widely used, for many reasons, the major two reasons. First, the domestic anti-theft alarm started late, burglar alarm knowledge has not spread; Second, the stability of alarm products, detector technology limitations, resulting in frequent false alarm products, consumer confidence is not high on the alarm.
Domestic false alarm rate for all to see, how to improve the recognition of the alarm sensors to reduce the false alarm rate is the most critical factor. There are many consumers by replacing the battery in order to reduce the false alarm situation, but obviously it takes a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs in order to extend the life of the product. However, this stopgap approach will not work, vendors should be through technology upgrades to improve the stability of the product.

A plurality of sensor alarm detectors embedded in false positives can solve the problem? Generally, Common alarm can detect only a 40 to 50 pound pet, but dual-band near-infrared detector is able to sense the weight of the pet 80 pounds, the detection range is widened so as to save energy and reduce false positives consumption problem.
Technology to solve the problem of false positives by omission, so that consumers feel at ease, to truly experience the convenience brought home security system. Sinda has been focusing on product quality, convinced that good quality products will bring customers for decades, on the development of the Eagle patrol alarm system put a lot of manpower and resources, to build functional excellence, stable performance series burglar alarm.

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