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Spring Festival approaching, Sinda draw attention to theft

Spring a wonderful day for family reunion . Sinda here to draw attention to security, strengthening the sense of security theft .
The arrival of the Spring Festival every year there are always some burglaries occurred , or is the factory and shop theft happens . So in the New Year just around the corner when we must strengthen security awareness , let the family happily have a good year .
Sinda to recommend a GSM burglar alarm , which can be used in shops, families can also be used in the factory and on campus .
Patrol Hawk GSM burglar alarm PH-G50 is a versatile anti-theft alarm, supports switching between Chinese , English, Russian , Spanish, German five languages .
Patrol Hawk GSM burglar alarm standard package is : an infrared detector , a door sensor , two remote control, an alarm, a host , of course, this is just a standard package. Whether home or retail theft has become an increasingly important topic, traditional burglar alarm detector type less configuration , a single number , considering the villa , the actual needs of large families , Sinda launched a massive anti-theft alarm kit G50B, to meet the various needs of customers . Of course, you can configure according to their needs more alarm detectors .
Spring Festival approaching, Sinda crew here to remind everyone to strengthen security, security awareness. Installation Patrol Hawk GSM burglar alarm, make their own peace of mind too happy New Year .

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