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Sinda minimalist appearance CPSE

    October 29, 2013 , the Fourteenth CPSE held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre , major businesses set up booths to show the company style. Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co., Ltd. has participated Abou ninth consecutive exhibition . The Sinda minimalist way to build the booth .

    Tour Eagle stands on three sides is empty, just simple blue tone table for product display, stand in the middle of the arc for the show 's new WiFi intelligent burglar alarm system . The rest of the side walls using several meters high , wall colors and stand in line , with bright serene sky blue hue , highlighting our products to bring a peaceful and harmonious feeling of security . Loge at the top of the white walls , simple but very eye-catching . Intelligent anti-theft system significantly WiFi advertisements appear on a background wall , warm tones dominated mature , warm atmosphere for the entire booth considerably.

   In short , the exhibition , in line with environmental principles , Sinda booth simple atmosphere, are like Sinda has corporate style in general, simple, stylish appearance , function, quality is not compromised.

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