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Reading Eagle Patrol CPSE 2013

25 years of growth process has been carried out for 13 , to 1989, the first session was held in the SAR Shenzhen CPSE , every two years , more than six thousand enterprises in the show features products or services. Is to provide opportunities for twenty-eight thousand security expert buyers , the amount of up to billions.
CPSE stands for China Public Security Expo , has become Asia's most authoritative and most influential exhibition of security , but also the world's largest security exhibition. The 14th China Public Security Expo will be October 29, 2013 - November 1 , held in Shenzhen , then it will show the world the quality of the world's first .
Sinda as a burglar alarm products research and development business , has participated in five consecutive CPSE , each has a good performance . This year, the Tour Eagle will participate in the exhibition in the local Shenzhen, the company thought the show fully prepared , then the customer will see the patrol Global Hawk 's style at the show.
The exhibition will be the industrial burglar alarm, electric burglar alarm, home burglar alarm, commercial burglar alarm , and several other types of alarm systems. Among them, home burglar alarm will sing the highlight at the show , will feature a variety of patrol eagle home security products.
CPSE expect fourth session , customers are welcome to tour the Eagle booth.

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