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Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor PH-FCHW

Product category: Accessories
Pet Immunity Microwave PIR Detector 1. Wall Mounted 2. Infrared + Microwave (doppler effect & spectral analysis) + MCU Detection 3. Pet Immunity up to 20kg 4. Intelligent Alarm Threshold Adjustment Technology
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Wireless Pet immune PIR Motion sensor PH-FCHW

Pet Immunity Microwave PIR Detector

1. Wall Mounted

2. Infrared + Microwave (doppler effect & spectral analysis) + MCU Detection

3. Pet Immunity up to 20kg 

4. Intelligent Alarm Threshold Adjustment Technology

5. Anti-False Alarm Efficiently

6. Double Temperature Compensation

7. Pulse Count Adjustment 

8. Alarm Indicator ON or OFF, Better Concelment

9. Anti RFI, Anti White Light Interference

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