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Smart and Safe Power Alarm System

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 Smart and Safe Power Alarm System



Residual Current Electrical Fire Monitoring Detector

This system is an intelligent residual current fire monitoring detector. It uses a 32-bit microcontroller to effectively monitor the fire hazards that may occur in the protected electrical circuit due to leakage, temperature, and current overload, and handles the remaining current in real time. The current temperature value and current overload will send the monitored abnormal parameters to the smart power center monitoring system through the CAN bus connection NBIOT-DTU. At the same time, strobe siren alarm signal is issued to promptly remind staff to check for faults, eliminate potential electrical hazards, and prevent major accidents.

This system has high real-time monitoring and strong reliability, and has the characteristics of miniaturization, high integration, complete functions, simple and practical, and convenient installation. It adopts one 4-digit digital tube display, with high brightness, suitable for installation in harsh working environment.


Product Description

1. It can effectively prevent fires through intelligent fire monitoring terminals, and possible to more comprehensively and accurately monitor various indicators of electrical circuit operation.

2. It combine with mobile network and Internet to realize no distance monitoring.Through the connection with 4G/ NB-IOT network and Internet network, the intelligent and safe electricity management system breaks through the inline limitation of traditional monitoring equipment and realizes the real non-distance electrical fire monitoring and management.

3. It can greatly save labor cost. Automatic monitoring equipment and wireless transmission are adopted, so fire monitoring and alarm basically do not require manual participation in the monitoring and early warning of electrical circuits.

4. It can greatly improve the real-time performance of fire early warning. The monitoring equipment can automatically give warning at the first moment when the electrical line is abnormal, and control the deterioration..

5. It can realize remote supervision of electrical circuits. The intelligent and safe electricity management system monitors the real-time and wireless data transmission of the equipment and the support of the background software system, so that supervisors can control the operation of electrical circuits in time without having to be on the line.

6. It has complete and fully automated processes. Through the intelligent monitoring, wireless transmission, automatic analysis to achieve a fully automated solution for electrical fire management and control.


System advantages

 Smart and safe electricity

▲Surveillance system

▲Residual current electrical fire monitoring detector

▲NB-IoT / 4G / GPRS

One channel residual current monitoring, four channels temperature monitoring, three-phase current monitoring

▲Split design, showing power, frequency and power factors

▲Support remote power off, linkage power off

▲Chinese digital display

▲Independent over-limit warning, alarm, power switch delay and other parameter settings

▲Over-limit alarm output,strobe siren alarm function

▲Supports test, reset, and self-test

▲Guide rail type rotation method 

▲Support the three major NB-IOT networks of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom

▲Free for communication protocol or platform interface

▲Free WeChat Push information, Call and SMS sending service within 3 years (China Mainland only)


Main features

1.Short circuit protection

When the smart power system monitors the actual current value is far greater than the alarm threshold current value, the smart power's own protection mechanism makes output protection measures to avoid the circuit from being burned and causing a fire due to excessive current.

2. Leakage alarm

When the smart electricity safety detector detects the circuit of the power distribution box and the leakage current exceeds the pre-warning value during work, the smart power system will use various methods such as the smart power app to conduct a leak alarm.

3. Overcurrent protection

When the smart power system detects that the current of the electrical equipment exceeds the rated current, it will initiate an over-current protection warning to protect the equipment.

4, Overload protection

Because the current flowing through the conductor in the overloaded electrical circuit exceeds the safe ampacity, when the temperature exceeds this temperature during overload, the insulation will age quickly or the circuit will burn. Smart power consumption avoids accidents by monitoring line current and temperature in real time.

5.Overvoltage protection

When the protection line voltage monitored by the smart power system exceeds a predetermined large value, an overvoltage warning is performed, and a power source is disconnected or the voltage of the controlled equipment is reduced as required.

6.Under voltage protection

When the line voltage is reduced to the critical voltage, the intelligent power supply system can protect the power supply equipment for early warning and avoid the power supply equipment

Burned up by overload.

7.Power limitation

When the power increases and exceeds its limited power value, it will trigger alarm or even power off, and then effectively protect the safety of the circuit or other electrical appliances.

8.Electric energy measurement

According to different requirements and types, the smart power system can measure and count the electric energy, which provides the basis for electric energy monitoring, energy consumption monitoring and energy consumption analysis.

9.Online detection

Working principle: through the cloud service platform of the smart electricity system, customers can learn about the power safety of the enterprise anytime and anywhere through the mobile App or Web client 24 hours a day, and timely remind the security personnel of the hidden dangers through early warning of the abnormal.

10.Remote monitoring

Through the smart electricity APP, users can log in with authorized account and password, so that customers can know the security situation of enterprise electricity use at any time and anywhere through their mobile phones or computers connected to the Internet, and know the security status of power use system on their palms.

11.Fault alarm

Through the smart electricity system, it is convenient to set up the phone number to receive SMS alarm.Through setting, the alarm information can be sent to the mobile phone of the enterprise owner and the person in charge of security.

12. Alarm record storage and query function

When it have leakage, over-temperature alarm, communication and power failure problems,it will send and save the alarm location, fault information, alarm time and other information to the database. When the alarm is removed and the fault is eliminated, it is also recorded in the database. Historical data provides a variety of convenient and fast query methods.

13. Big data electricity analysis report

The smart electricity cloud platform regularly counts the current electricity consumption data every week to generate a test report. Users can log in to the platform to browse at any time, or view the historical curve of a single circuit parameter (such as line temperature, leakage current, etc.), compare and analyze the operating status of several important loads, and view the day, month, and year, and the overall power load, peak and valley of daily power consumption and daily power analysis.

14.Fault analysis function

Working principle: it can provide the cause analysis of the abnormal alarm loop through the Big Data Service Center of Smart Power Cloud Platform.


Working principle


Product Parameters:

 Rated working voltage: AC220V / 50HZ; maximum power consumption: 5W.

 Alarm output: passive switch (commonly called as contact), the maximum capacity of the contact is 220V 5A.

 Alarm light signal: red LED.

 Fault alarm light signal: yellow LED.

 Alarm sound: 72db-115db.

 Leakage alarm setting value: 300mA-1000mA continuously adjustable, minimum adjustable 1mA.

 Leakage alarm error: 80% -100% of the set value.

 Three-phase current input range: It is connected with a dedicated current transformer. By default, it is connected with a 100A / 100mA current transformer.

 Overload current setting: 0-9999A; set 1200% higher than the standard rated voltage value, default 70V.

 Overload delay setting range: 0-100s.

 Ambient temperature: -10 + 50 ℃, the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed 35 ℃.

 Relative humidity: 10% -95%; Altitude: 2000 meters;

 Pollution level: Ip3, frost-free snow and free of rain erosion.


Included in the package

Electrical fire detector * 1

IoT transmission device * 1

Leakage Transformer * 1

Overload transformer * 3

Temperature sensor * 4




PH-BC110 Center Software Function Introduction


PH-BC110 Center Monitoring System is a multi-purpose management system for alarm  information management, user information management,  remote control etc. This system is very easy to install and operate, play a great role in management.

 Cloud server: This system has the function of big data analysis of cloud services. All user data is stored in the cloud server, which is safe and reliable.

 Map location: Each user has a corresponding location on the map. When the alarm icon appears, it will be distinguished and flashed in different colors.

 Remote notification: Supports mobile APP notifications and WeChat small program  notifications when an alarm occurs.

 Voice call: When an alarm situation occurs, the management center immediately dials the designated street, residential property, and security personnel through the background data analysis, and it can broadcast the real-time situation.

 SMS notification: When an alarm occurs, the management center immediately sends a mobile phone SMS notification to the designated street, community property, and security personnel after analyzing the background data.

 History record: The central management platform can directly send the task list to the installers and after-sales personnel who belong to it. After the relevant personnel complete the task, they can upload specific user information and on-site pictures for confirmation. The pictures will be permanently stored on the server for subsequent viewing.

 Multi-level management: According to the current latest administrative area division management, up to five levels of management can be set down, namely: country-province-city-district-street-community.

 Rich equipment: can be connected to smoke detector, gas detector, fire  manual alarm button, door sensor, water leakage sensor, strobe siren, water pressure sensor, electrical and other equipment.


Application place

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