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Outdoor Wireless Strobe Siren PH-HDSDJH2

Product category: Accessories
Wireless Strobe Siren PH-HDSDJH Power supply: DC12V Voltage: >110DB Transmitting distance: >80M
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Fax: 086-0755-83976450

Wireless Strobe Siren PH-HDSDJH

PH-HDSDJH wireless outdoor strobe siren is an effective crime deterrent and its easy to work with Vcare and G2 Alarm System. 


Technical parameters

Rated voltage: DC12V 

Operating range: DC6-15V

Current work: 200MA (DC = 12V) 

Standby current: 6MA

Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ +60 ℃ 

Sound pressure range: 110 ± 3DB (test 1-meter platform, the outside-to-noise ratio ≦ 65DB) 

SIREN + / SIREN-trigger: flashing lights flash every 2 seconds at a red LED light, whistle and ring (with the duration of the signal to trigger the same) 

LED + / LED-trigger: a red LED flash every 3 seconds on average 1 (duration of the trigger signal with the same) 

Tamper switch to trigger: flashing lights flash every 2 seconds at a red LED light, whistle and ring (3-minutes) 

External power supply to be cut: flashing lights flash every 2 seconds, red LED light, siren alarm (last3-minutes) 

Battery back-up: 6V/600MA fitted with battery back-up, the green LED lights on

Wireless models: 

Radio frequency: 433MHZ/315MHZ

Wireless distance: 1) open distance ≧ 100 m 

2)Indoor distance ≧ 30-50 meters 

Testing continued: ≧ 30 minutes

Indirect tests: 8 hours 

Size: 197 * 111.5 * 78MM 

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Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren
Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren
*Size: 260*170*65mm
*Net weight: 0.9 kg (without battery)
*Alarming time: 1min, 3 mins, 6 mins
*Current consumption: 20mAh at 12 VDC
*Flash tube current: 180mA at 12 VDC
Wired strobe Siren for indoor PH-SGJH
Wired strobe Siren for indoor PH-SGJH
Using alarm host supply electricity
Power Requirements :12VDC
Current Consumption:20mA (High-low sound)
Transmit Way:through line