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GSM Alarm Receiver PH-008

Product category: Center Monitoring Software
PH-008 is a hardware part of the Center Monitoring System, it used to connect to the host of PC with a RS232 series cable to transmitting alarm message to PC.
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The GSM receiver PH-008 is part of the Center Monitoring Software, it used to connect to the host of PC with a RS232 series cable and the software installs in the PC for displaying the alarm information from the alarm system, such as user 1, user 2,  ....
GSM receiver mainly used to convert the receiving GSM SMS data and calling into standard RS232 communication protocol for secondary development and utilization.
Main Functions:
1. Each GSM receiver can be compatible numberless of alarm systems.
2. Support 10 routes of GSM alarm receiver simultaneously for one softwre.
3. When alarming:
? Automatically pop up the alarm window and show the alarm time, alarm time, alarm numbers and alarm contents.
? Auto-analyze the alarm type, distinguished by color.
? Automatically send out alarm sounds to remind the on-duty operator, it can lighten the working pressure.
? Direct viewing interface for all users checking the arm/disarm status.
4. Can import the installation maps.
5. Strict and security management functions, can set multi-levels operation:
Authority management to prevent illegal changes for the users’ information and settings.
6. Record all kinds of alarm issues, support printing the statistical form for preventing the liability dispute from the monitoring center and users.
7. Easy to operate, no need professional knowledge.
8. Long time running stably.

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