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Door/window magnetic sensor

Product category: Accessories
*Low battery alert
*lose connection alert
*Door/window closed/opened alert
*Tamper switch
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Wireless Door/Window Sensor


Power voltage:                  DC6V (CR2016 3V * 2PCS)

Quiescent current:                ≤8uA

Working current:                  ≤10mA

Working frequency:               433.92Mhz

Working indicator:                Red LED

Low battery:                      blue LED, blink every 2s

Value setting for low battery:     4.4V ±5%. When battery low than 4.4V, blue LED indicator will blink every 2s, and also the signal of low battery will send out by following the frequency of “heartbeat” (sending sequence of the signal: low voltage signal + heartbeat signal )

Heartbeat interval:                every 2 hours

Anti-tamper:                       in case of opening the shell, it will switch on tamper switch, and then activate alarm.

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