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Central Monitoring System PH-BC911

Product category: Center Monitoring Software
Real-time monitor and report the alarm information, fault problems from each device which installed at different location, inquiry working status, alarm history, login logs and analyze working reports for each device etc.
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Central Monitoring System (Cloud Based Version) PH-BC911



PH-BC911 is designed to adapt to the needs of the users at home and abroad and the development of a multimedia professional alarm information receiving platform and management software, which is using internet network to receive those alarm notification. 


Control Management

PH-BC911 Aarm Central management platform is a cloud-based alarm networking platform, which developed in house by Patrol Hawk. With this platform, the monitoring station staff can fully understand the equipment installation location (real-time positioning, GOOGLE MAP view, historical alarm, user information, device status), and a full range of data monitoring and analysis, timely handling alarm and reduce the lost for users. 

From the dashboard, we could know the information includes

- Total number of the devices

- Offline devices

- Daily alarm events

- Montly alarm events

- The location of the devices on google map (can zoom into specific streets and buildings)

- Monthly alarm statistics

- High alert time in 24 hours

- Recent alarm records

- Regional hierarchical management

- Device list

- Device status (online/offline, online dates, temperature/humidity, arm/disarm status, WiFi status, power connection status, backup batteries status, sensor status, etc. 

Main Features

- Support 2000+ WiFi alarm systems - Vcare2/3/4

- Automatic pop-up alarming window, display alarm time, alarm phone number, alarm content. 

- Automatic identification alarm type and to distinguish color.

- The center software zoom freely, show location and related information.

- Automatically send multimedia alarm sound to remind the staff on duty, to reduce the working pressure.

- The intuitive software interface can view all users arm/disarm state and remote control all the user arm/disarm. 

- Remotely stop the expiration of the cost of the alarm host, after the renewal of the host can be accumulated.

- Can import the product installation diagram, through the map display of various equipment status and direct control.

- Strict security management function, operation authority management of multilevel, prevent unauthorized changes to user information and system settings.

- Automatic recording alarm information, powerful statistical function, automatic real-time record of all kinds of alarm events. And you can print the statistical statements for querying and maintenance, to avoid the security center and the responsibility of the user to dispute.

- Center software has the advantages of simple operation, stable operation, intuitive, the person on duty doesn't need professional knowledge, also don't need too much time to learn.  

- The software and stable operation for a long time.

Applicable models: All models of Vcare

  • WiFi + GSM/GPRS (433/868MHz)
  • WiFi+ 3G/GPRS (433/868MHz)
  • WiFi (433/868MHz)
  • IP + GSM (433MHz)
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